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First-Time Freshmen

Nely making the most of her experience at NLU

There's going to be this voice in your head asking, 'Is it worth it?' Just keep remembering, it's going to be worth it."

—Nely, on making the most of this experience

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Transfer Students

Pablo accomplishing goals at NLU

I was very nervous when I transferred from the community college to National Louis, but the school really does help you out. They really do care about you! That's what got me through."

—Pablo, on accomplishing your goals

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Returning Undergraduates

Barbara believing in yourself at NLU

I was told I wasn't really college material so I didn't put myself in that category. But when I walked across the stage to get my NLU diploma, I proved to myself that I could do anything I set my mind to. And I do!"

—Barbara, about believing in yourself

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Graduate - Teacher Preparation

Morgan valued at NLU

What I love about this school is that they give you experience, but they're also giving their heart to you, which is what a lot of other colleges do not give you. You're not just a number here."

—Morgan, on being valued

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Graduate - Experienced Educators

Chad making an impact at NLU

As a graduate of NLU's National College of education, I remain extremely grateful that I am able to engage in the work of the principalship each and every day."

—Chad, on making an impact

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Graduate - Professional Studies

Rebecca taking the next step at NLU

After receiving my bachelor's degree, I thought my job was done. But I did not want to stay in a position where I was not making major decisions. So I enrolled in the MBA program at NLU, and today I am proud to work as a Senior Director."

—Rebecca, on taking the next step

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