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Thank you for visiting National Louis University's, Learning and Information Technology Services (LITS) website for its online campus, D2L. Click on the links below to view short videos and access PDF guides that explain how to use D2L. Select one of the menus below to access its resources.‌ 

We have exciting news! We have upgraded the NLU Online Campus to D2L "Continuous Delivery".  The changes from this upgrade are not major and mostly improve workflow and usability improvements. View the Academic Computing blog for details on past and upcoming improvements to our D2L platform.

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Getting Started with D2L

The following resources were designed to not only introduce you to the NLU Online Campus (Desire2Learn), but also to help you succeed as an online instructor. 

  • Faculty D2L Orientation
    The NLU Online Campus orientation shows you how to log into the system, set up your personal preferences, and navigate your online course content.

Getting Started PDF Guides: 

D2L Version 10.6

What's new in D2L 10.6 Continuous Delivery? Something every month! Here are some recent updates to the NLU Online Campus that can make your D2L workflows more efficient in version 10.6.2. For more information about the very latest updates to D2L, visit the NLU Academic Computing Blog at: http://nluacademiccomputing.blogspot.com/. Also here are a few other updates in the NLU Online Campus: 

Instructor Dashboard:
Video: The New Personal Dashboard for Instructors (2:27)

The Awards Tool:
Video: Awards Tool: Creating a Badge and Adding it to Your Course (2:00)

Improved Turnitin® Dropbox Assignment Integration
Video: Create a Dropbox Folder and Enable Turnitin® (3:17)

If you need assistance with D2L, you can call the NLU Helpdesk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week toll free at 1-866-813-1177 or at extension x4357 if you are on campus.

General FAQ's

General D2L FAQ's: 

Q:  When should I open a help desk ticket?

A:  Faculty should enter a help desk ticket for any D2L support issues, including: technical issues, error messages, broken links, login problems, and questions and/or concerns. In the event a help desk support member cannot assist in your D2L question or issue, they will escalate the issue to the OIT technical support team so we can assist.  Please be sure to use the help desk for requesting this kind of support rather than sending a direct email in the event that the individual you are contacting is not in the office.  A help desk ticket will go to all OIT D2L support staff members. The NLU help desk is available 24x7, at 1-866-813-1177. When you call we suggest having your 5-digit CRN on hand, and be sure to let the technician know that your course uses Desire2Learn. 

Q:  Where can I find information about Instructor D2L Training at NLU?

A:  Throughout the year LITS is offering a variety D2L training opportunities including: full D2L training, specialized D2L training topics, and open labs for individual assistance. We also have a fully online self-paced D2L Faculty Training course house in D2L for those faculty interested in training online. A schedule of training sessions, and open labs is sent out via email to  faculty, and is posted to the LMS Faculty Support page titled NLU Online Campus (D2L) Faculty Training and Workshops. If you are interested in being enrolled in D2L faculty training please contact Learning@nl.edu. 

Q:  Why did I get an error message when responding to a student email in D2L? (Error “Recipient can't receive/you are not authorized to send email externally”).

A:  The reason D2L issues this error message is that you are attempting to email an external (nl.edu) email address rather than a D2L email address. D2L mail does not allow users to send messages to external email addresses. To email students in D2L, you should use the student’s internal D2L email address. An easy way to ensure you are emailing students D2L email is to use the “Classlist” tool in D2L, check off the recipient’s names and the system will automatically select the internal D2L addresses. 

Q:  How can I share my course (or portion of a course such as a rubric) with another instructor? 

A: You can share can share a D2L course or individual course components such as Rubrics, Quizzes, and Content with others by creating an export file. In your D2L course go to the “Course Administration” area to create the export. For a quick guide to creating a course export in D2L visit the OIT YouTube Channel here:  http://www.youtube.com/user/oittutorials 

Q: What Internet browser should I use with D2L?

A D2L recommends the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari version 5.1+, and I.E. version 9+. The LITS department has noted some video content in D2L courses may not load when viewing with Chrome. LITS has also noted in Internet Explorer version 7 and 10, there are buttons such as the “Submit” button which are not functional.  

Q: How do I submit final grades if I’m teaching in D2L?

A: Faculty must enter final term grades into Banner for students. If you wish to also post final grades in D2L you can but all faculty are to post final grades for students in Banner by the end of term deadline (typically one week after the last meeting date please check the academic calendar for specific final grade due dates).

Building Your Course

The following tutorials will guide you with the tasks associated with building a course in D2L. From building your course content to building an assignment dropbox, we've provided the following list of comprehensive tutorials to assist you in the building process. 

Building Content:

  • Introduction to Building Content

Video: Introduction to Course Content  (4:28)

  • Building Content Modules & Topics & Quicklinks

Video: ‌Building Course Content Video Playlist
PDF: Building Course Content Guide

  • Using the HTML Editor to Create Content

Video: ‌The HTML Editor (3:15)
PDF: HTML Editor Guide

  • Creating Accessible Word Documents & Content Pages:

      PDF: Creating Accessible Documents & Content (New!)

  • Building with Course Builder

Video: ‌Course Builder (2:45)
PDF: ‌Course Builder Guide

  • Copying a Course

Video: Copying a Course (3:13)
PDF: Copying a Course

Building Tools: (Dropboxes, Discussions, Rubrics, Quizzes, Groups and Gradebook)

  • Building Dropboxes 

Video: ‌Create a Submission Folder (2:20)
Video: ‌Associate a Submission Folder with a Grade Item (3:00)
Video: Add Restrictions to a Dropbox (2:47)

  • Building Discussions

Video: ‌Create a Discussion Forum (1:47)
Video: Create a Discussion Topic (2:14)
PDF: Create a Discussion

  • Creating Analytic Rubrics 

Video: ‌Create an Analytic Rubric (2:41)
Video: Adding a Rubric to an Existing Activity (1:18)
PDF: Creating Rubrics

  • Building Quizzes

Video: Create a Quiz with New Questions (2:41)
Video: Create a Quiz with Imported Questions (2:40)
Video: Create a Quiz with a Randomized Set of Questions (2:40)
Video: Populate a Quiz with Questions from the Question Library (1:33)
Video: Create Bonus Quiz Questions (1:12)
Video: Associate a Quiz with a Gradebook Item (1:08)
Video: Edit a Quiz Question During its Availability (3:28)

  • Building Self Assessments

Video: Self-Assessments

  • Building Your Gradebook

PDF: Create a Gradebook
Video: Basic Gradebook Training (24:45)
Video: Advanced Gradebook Training (43:36)
Video: Understanding the Grades Tool (2:30)
Video: Creating Grade Items (2:53)
Video: Create a Gradebook Category (1:45)

Manage Your Course

The following tutorials will guide you in the tasks associated with managing a course in D2L, from copying a past term course into a new term, to how to activate your course for student viewing at the start of the term, we've created this comprehensive list of tutorials to assist you in managing your D2L course. 

  • The Pre-Term Checklists

Word Doc: Pre-Term Face to Face Instructor Checklist
Word Doc: Pre-Term Online and Blended Instructor Checklist

  • Making Your Course Active/Inactive for Student Viewing

Video: Making Your Course Active/Inactive (1:18)
PDF: Making Your Course Active or Inactive

  • Copying a Course

Video: Copying a Course (1:28)
PDF: Copying a Course

  • Import and Export a Course

Video: Exporting Course Components (1:16)
Video: Importing Course Components (1:21)

  • Create Calendar Items

Video: Create a Calendar Event (2:00)

  • Tracking Student Progress

Video: ‌User Progress - Class Progress Report (2:02)
PDF: Tracking Student Progress Guide

  • Updating Dropbox Due Dates & End Dates to the Current Term

Video: Set Date Availability for an Assignment (1:56)

  • Manage Course Dates

Video: ‌Manage Dates Tool Offset Dates (1:50)

  • View Your Course as a Student

Video: View Course as a Student (0:29)
PDF: View Your Course as a Student

Communicate With Students

The following tutorials will guide you in the tasks associated with communicating with your students in D2L, from posting to a discussion topic, to emailing your class using the Classlist tool, we've created this comprehensive list of tutorials to assist you. 

  • Communicating with Students using the Classlist

Video: Classlist Communication (3:16)
PDF: Communicating Via the Classlist

  • Facilitate Discussions

Video: ‌Introduction to Discussions (4:35)
Video: Discussions Subscriptions & Notifications (3:39)
PDF: Facilitating Discussions Guide

  • Creating Calendar Events

Video: Creating Calendar Events (2:03)
PDF: ‌Course Calendar

  • Emailing

Video: D2L Email for Instructors (5:02)
PDF: Email

  • Posting News/Announcements

Video Guide: ‌News Announcement Overview (1:25)
Video Guide: Creating News Announcements (3:01)
Video Guide: Delete and Restore News Announcements (1:36)
PDF: Posting News Announcements

  • D2L Pulse

Video Playlist: ‌Make Your Course Pulse Friendly
Video Guide: Set Dates for Assignments (1:56)

Assessing Student Learning

The following tutorials will guide you in the tasks associated with assessing students in D2L, from grading student dropbox submissions, to building a Gradebook in your D2L course, we've created this comprehensive list of tutorials to assist you.


  • Dropbox: Viewing Student Submissions and Downloading Files

Video: Grade Submissions in Assignments (2:17)
Video: Grade Dropbox Submissions Offline (2:29)
PDF: Grading Dropbox Submissions

  • Preventing Plagiarism with Turnitin 

Video: Enable Turnitin on a Dropbox (3:34) 
Video: Originality Reports (4:05) 
PDF: Turnitin View Originality Reports
PDF: Instructor Turnitin Guide

  • Facilitating and Grading Discussions

Video: ‌Moderating and Assessing Discussions (5:51)
Facilitating Discussions Guide

  • Grading with Rubrics

Video: ‌Grading the Dropbox with Rubrics (5:36)
PDF: Grading with Rubrics Guide

  • Grading Quizzes & Statistics (Blind Marking/Auto Grade included)

Video: ‌Quizzes Grading & Statistics (5:05)
Video: Quizzes Grade by Type  (5:05)
PDF: Facilitating Quizzes Guide

  • Entering Grades in the Gradebook

Video: ‌Enter Grades (2:39)

  • Tracking Student Progress

Video: Tracking Student Progress (1:18)
PDF: Tracking Student Progress Guide

Build Student Collaboration Spaces

The following tutorials will guide you in the tasks associated with building student group and collaboration spaces in your D2L course for students.


  • Groups Tool

Video: Create Groups (4:02)
Video: Group Enrollment Options (4:41)
Video: Modify Group Enrollment (2:38)
Video: Delete a Group or Category (2:20)

  • Wiggio Tool

Video: ‌Wiggio Overview Video (4:09)
Video: Wiggio Create and Manage Groups  (4:49)

If you need assistance with D2L, you can call the NLU Helpdesk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week toll free at 1-866-813-1177 or at extension x4357 if you are on campus.

Inserting Media in your Course

The following tutorials will guide you in adding media to your course. From adding videos, to recording audio messages, we've provided the following list of comprehensive tutorials to assist you in adding media.

D2L Recording Audio and Creating Video

Video: Multimedia Attachments (3:00)

D2L Insert Images, Video, or Audio into Content

Video: Content and Insert Stuff (1:52)

Adding Videos from Films on Demand:

NLU Library Guide: Linking and Embedding Films on Demand

Panopto Video Platform:

Link: Panopto Support Webpage

Capture Video with Panopto

The following tutorials will guide you in the tasks associated with creating and sharing videos with Panopto.


  • Getting Started with Panopto  Panopto Example Image

    This video demonstrates how to install Panopto, record videos, and display videos in a course.

Video: Video Editing with Panopto (8:00 Est.)

Video: Making Effective Videos for Online Use (6:02)

  • Additional Panopto Guides:

 PDF: Panopto Creating and Uploading a Recording Guide

 PDF: Panopto Create and Add a Screen Capture Guide

 PDF: Panopto Editing Guide

 PDF: Panopto Embed or Link a Recording Guide

 PDF: Panopto Creating and Uploading a Recording Guide


If you need assistance with D2L, you can call the NLU Helpdesk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week toll free at 1-866-813-1177 or at extension x4357 if you are on campus.

D2L LiveText Integration Guides

The following tutorials will guide you in the tasks associated with integrating LiveText, including how to log into LiveText via D2L, selecting LiveText Assignments in D2L, and how to transfer LiveText grades into a D2L Gradebook. 


  • LiveText D2L Integration Guides

Video: LiveText and D2L Integration Features (10:00 Est.)

PDF: D2L LiveText Integration Guide


    NLU’s Chicago campus on South Michigan Avenue occupies five floors of the historic Peoples Gas Building. This landmark building, across the street from the Art Institute of Chicago and Grant Park, is easily accessible by train, bus and car and is surrounded by restaurants, parking lots/garages and shops.

    122 S. Michigan Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60603
    (888) 658.8632
    Info » | Directions »

    Conveniently located in a fast-growing business district off I-90 and Route 31, NLU Elgin features 10 classrooms with high-tech media equipment; a computer lab with high-speed Internet access; two conference rooms; and comfortable student lounges. Parking is free at this recently remodeled and upgraded teaching site, which now includes wireless Internet access.

    620 Tollgate Road
    Elgin, IL 60123
    (888) 658.8632
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    Opened in the summer of 2006, NLU North Shore at Skokie is a state-of-the-art modern campus located just off the Edens Expressway near the Old Orchard Shopping Center. The campus includes 44 wireless classrooms equipped with high-tech media equipment; four computer labs with high-speed Internet access, including a walk-in lab in the library; six conference rooms; a public café for beverages and snacks; a student welcome center; a library for research and study; and multiple, comfortable student lounge areas.

    5202 Old Orchard Road
    Skokie, IL 60077
    (888) 658.8632
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    Located just minutes from the East-West Tollway (I-88), NLU Lisle features 42 wireless classrooms equipped with high-tech media equipment; four computer labs with high-speed Internet access, including a separate walk-in lab in the library; a café for beverages and snacks; a student welcome center; a library for research and study; conference rooms; and six comfortable student lounge areas with wireless access.

    850 Warrenville Road
    Lisle, IL 60532
    (888) 658.8632
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    Located in one of Chicago's major northwest suburbs, the newly renovated NLU Wheeling includes 20 classrooms with high-tech media equipment, four conference rooms, four computer labs with high-speed Internet access, large student lounge areas with wireless capabilities and interactive video capabilities, and an extensive research library. The site also houses the university library research collection.

    1000 Capitol Drive
    Wheeling, IL 60090
    (888) 658.8632
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    Established in 1988 and located in one of the city's major business districts, NLU's Florida Regional Center serves students in 13 counties in central Florida. In addition to six classrooms, this location features a conference room, a computer lab with high-speed Internet access, an extensive research library and comfortable student lounges.

    5110 Sunforest Drive, Suite 102
    Tampa, FL 33634
    (800) 366.6581
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    NLU has a proud history of serving graduate students in southeastern Wisconsin. We currently offer all Wisconsin residents online programs in non-licensure education as well as a variety of business-related degrees.

    12000 West Park Place, Suite 100
    Milwaukee, WI 53224-3007
    (414) 577.2658
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