NLU Identity and Branding

National Louis University Graphic Identity System

The guidelines on this web page cover all approved variations of graphic identity elements, as well as editorial and design specifications, which may be used to represent National Louis University. Please consult the guidelines whenever you are creating any item that represents the university or one of its colleges, campuses, or units. If you have any questions or needs that go beyond these basic tools, staff members in the department of Marketing and Communications can help. Thank you for your commitment to making National Louis University an extraordinary institution.

  • Guidelines

    For more complete guidelines:

    Download NLU Identity Materials Guidelines PDF Download NLU Identity Materials Guidelines
    PDF document | Updated 6/19/12

    Our Symbol

    Today's NLU Symbol includes historic elements modified to reflect a cleaner, more contemporary image and to reproduce more effectively in today's marketing and communications applications.

    The University's founding date remains prominent. The Symbol, always used in combination with other elements, is the only mark approved for use by campus departments. DO NOT display the symbol alone.

    NLU Symbol

    The Signature

    The NLU Symbol is joined with a distinctive typographic rendering of our name to form our standard signature. The relationships and proportions of all the elements in the signature have been carefully crafted for maximum visual impact and 'readability'. Do not alter any of the components from the supplied reproduction art.

    NLU Signature

    DO NOT distort the signature in any manner

    DO NOT alter the relative proportions or positions of any of the elements

    DO NOT add or substitute anything within the supplied signature
    NLU Signature
    NLU Signature

    Color Palette

    For use and application of color palette, please contact NLU's Department of Marketing and Communications


    The default set of typefaces, Arial and Georgia, has been selected for common 'desktop' communications where Windows-Macintosh cross-platform compatibility is a priority.


    Standardized production templates for all print-stationery items only available through Facilities Services.

    University Name

    Name Use the full name, "National Louis University," when first referring to the University in text. Subsequent references in text can be either "National Louis" or "NLU." Please note that the official name of the University no longer contains the dash between "National" and "Louis." Do not refer to the University or the National College of Education as "National."

    Editorial Style

    NLU follows Associated Press (AP) style in all publications and web projects.

  • Letterhead

    Letterhead are provided as Microsoft Word templates. These templates should be used for all electronic correspondence, memoranda, agendas, and internal documents. Formatting in these templates is minimal: the header will appear on the first page of the document, but not on subsequent pages; NLU's official font, Arial, is pre-selected; and margins are pre-set. Do not use alternative fonts or margins.

    Users may select the template that represents their campus or college. No specialized or personalized headers will be created for individuals, departments, or other units.
    Click on the document title to download:

    General Template
    Campus Templates
    Electronic Header - Tampa Template Tampa Template
    Word document | Updated 4/1/16
  • Email Signature Generator

    Use of a common, uniform email signature is a primary means by which the NLU brand can be consistently reinforced. The NLU email signature generator enables users to create a personal email signature for most standard email systems such as Microsoft Outlook. The distinctive presentation of the National Louis University nameplate is HTML programmed. Do not incorporate the NLU symbol and other jpegs such as social media logos into the email signature as these are most often converted into attachments in receivers' inboxes.
  • Fax Cover Sheet

    Click on the document title to download:

    General Template
    NLU Fax Cover Sheet - General Template General Template
    PDF document | Updated 5/21/15
    NLU Fax Cover Sheet-Tampa NLU Fax Cover Sheet—Tampa
    PDF document | Updated 11/13/14
  • Fonts/Typography

    The fonts at right, Arial and Georgia, represent the two types to be used for all materials disseminated from NLU.
    Arial Regular
    Arial Bold
    Arial Italic
    Arial Bold Italic

    Georgia Regular
    Georgia Bold
    Georgia Italic
    Georgia Bold Italic
  • Meeting Minutes Template

    Use the NLU Meeting Minutes template for all internal and external minutes needs. While users may not format the header, the table and content of the minutes template are flexible and user friendly for your custom needs.
    Click on the document title to download:

    NLU Meeting Minutes Template NLU Meeting Minutes Template
    Word document | Updated 8/11/11
  • Name Tags

    The nametag template is designed to print onto Avery name badge sheets (#5395).
    Click on the document title to download:

    NLU Avery Laser Name Tags Avery 5395
    PDF document | Updated 3/29/11
    NLU Avery Laser Name Tags Avery 5390
    PDF document | Updated 10/16/15
    NLU Table Tent NLU Table Tent
    PDF document | Updated 3/29/11
  • Poster Presentation

    The Poster Presentation file is provided as PowerPoint template.

    When you are ready to print your poster presentation please email the final file to Please provide your name, campus you would like the poster to be delivered to, and an account number for the job.

    Please allow at least 5 business days turnaround time.

    Need printing assistance? Call us at 630.874.4126 or 630.874.4393

    Click on the document title to download:

    NLU Poster Presentation Template NLU Poster Presentation Template
    PowerPoint document | Updated 3/18/15
  • Power Point

    Use the NLU PowerPoint template for all internal and external presentations. While users may import alternative slide layouts, do not alter font selection, bullet styles, or other graphic identity elements.
    Click on the document title to download:

    NLU PowerPoint Template NLU PowerPoint Template 1
    PowerPoint document | Updated 5/22/12
    NLU Poster Presentation Template 2 NLU PowerPoint Template 2
    PowerPoint document | Updated 11/30/15
  • Report Cover Page

    Click on the document title to download:

    Report Cover Page Report Cover Page
    PDF document | Updated 3/2/15
  • Wallpapers

    Click on the image or document title to download:

    NLU Wallpaper 1024 x 768 NLU Wallpaper 1024 x 768
    .jpg image | Updated 12/8/11
    NLU Wallpaper 1440 x 900 NLU Wallpaper 1440 x 900
    .jpg image | Updated 12/8/11
    NLU Wallpaper 1920 x 1200 NLU Wallpaper 1920 x 1200
    .jpg image | Updated 12/8/11

    Here's how you can set your favorite as wallpaper:

    PC Users:

    1. Click on the screen size of the wallpaper you wish to download.
    2. Selected wallpaper will appear in new window.
    3. Right-click the wallpaper and select "Set as Background"

    Mac Users:

    1. Click on the screen size of the wallpaper you wish to download.
    2. Selected wallpaper will appear in new window.
    3. Right-click (ctrl + click) the wallpaper and select "Set as Desktop Background..."
    4. If Set Desktop Background Preview dialog appears, click "Set Desktop Background" button.

    Don't Know Your Screen Size?

    PC Users:

    1. Minimize all windows.
    2. Right-click on your desktop and select "Properties".
    3. Click the "Settings" tab.
    4. Screen resolution setting will be shown -- choose correct wallpaper.

    Mac Users:

    1. Open "System Preferences" and select the "Displays" icon.
    2. Current screen resolution is highlighted in left panel -- choose correct wallpaper.
  • Project Status

National Louis University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, 230 S. LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, IL 60604. ( National College of Education meets all standards of the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education. The International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) has professionally accredited select NLU College of Professional Studies and Advancement business-related programs. Selected programs in the National College of Education are approved by the Illinois State Board of Education for licensure of education professionals.