Why Action Projects?

AQIP is about taking action, improving things that will make institutions better at serving those it serves. Underlying this focus on action is an often-quoted truism:

If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always got. To get different results in the future, you must do things differently.

Because AQIP is committed to helping colleges and universities continuously improve their performance in doing the things they value, it requires participating institutions to commit themselves to action, working consciously to improve the activities and processes that currently produce unsatisfying results.

AQIP views Action Projects as the keys mechanisms institutions can use to improve performance. Therefore institutions are urged to take on as many significant Action Projects as possible, completing each as quickly as possible. AQIP participation requires colleges and universities to share publicly at all times at least three current Action Projects on which they are working. Knowing about an organization’s current Action Projects provides assurance that its ongoing commitment to continuous quality improvement is genuine. More importantly, doing Action Projects moves institutions toward AQIP’s fundamental purpose: helping the organizations it serves to improve their performance.