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We have received notification that 26 of our students and one of our staff have tested positive for the coronavirus. NLU COVID-19 case reports are updated every Monday, please visit this page weekly for updated report numbers. If there are any further reports of coronavirus we will update the NLU Alerts website, and will also be sure to directly notify any faculty, staff or students who might have come into contact with NLU students or personnel who report a positive case.

In our support for anyone who reports a positive test for the virus, we will cross-reference course enrollments and any possible contacts with other students or personnel. This is simply to determine who might be at risk of exposure. If you do not receive any direct communication from the University, it is because no direct exposure has been reported that could affect you.

As a reminder, if you are exhibiting any symptoms identified by the CDC – fever, persistent coughing, and an acute shortness of breath – please contact your medical provider immediately. If the test is positive, pleasecomplete the COVID-19 reporting form so we can inform those who may have also been exposed due to contact. The student form is available by following this link  Faculty and staff should notify Holly Battaglia in Human Resources if they have a positive test result.

The “new coronavirus,” or COVID-19, is a member of a family of viruses which includes severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), as well as more common, minor diseases that typically cause upper-respiratory tract illnesses.

After apparently originating in the Wuhan province of China, the coronavirus (COVID-19) spread outward to several other areas, including Europe and North America. So far, it has been spreading rapidly due to its airborne transmission, which can occur through coughs and sneezes, as well as its potentially lengthy dormancy period, which can last anywhere between 2 days to 2 weeks after exposure and before any symptoms appear. Among those with the illness, the severity has varied from simple “cold symptoms” to life-threatening conditions, particularly for elderly people. The fraction of those with a severe infection is a small portion of the total number infected with coronavirus, based on initial data.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s Novel Coronavirus alert is the best source for up-to-date information. The Chicago Public Health Department also has a coronavirus information page.

Everyone can follow certain basic, everyday steps for maintaining good hygiene, including:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly, or use alcohol-based sanitizers.
  • Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing.
  • Do not share food or drink with others.
  • Practice social distancing.

Please review the full set of CDC guidelines here

The main symptoms of the virus, as listed by the CDC, include a fever, persistent coughing, and an acute shortness of breath. The symptoms are similar, but not identical, to other common respiratory illnesses like influenza. Please check the CDC’s full description of the symptoms here.

The virus spreads mainly via coughing, sneezing, or close physical contact. It is communicable through the air, which is one of the primary reasons for its rapid transmission across the world.

If you suspect that you or another student may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms of the virus (fever, cough, difficulty breathing), please report this using the form below. This information will be kept private and will only be used to provide individuals experiencing symptoms with guidance on what they should do next and to help assess risk to the campus community and deploy appropriate resources.

There is not a vaccine at this time.  Vaccines typically take 12 – 18 months to be developed. Until one is available, if you begin to exhibit symptoms, don’t panic! Contact your doctor as soon as you can.

In her March 12, 2020 communication, President Megahed stated, “As we face this unprecedented moment, our priority is the wellbeing of our community. We are also committed to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to complete the academic year successfully.” Accordingly, the NLU ERT COVID-19 Core Team is meeting daily to assess the situation and make critical decision to meet the President’s commitment to both our community’s safety and wellbeing and completion of academic progress. In addition to the ERT Core Team, a cross-divisional group of stakeholders also meet daily to focus on our transition to remote learning, support for students and instructors, and promoting social engagement during the “physical distancing” time period.  

Please direct any other inquiries or concerns you may have to this address: All questions will be reviewed and directed to the appropriate contact.

In Illinois, Governor Pritzker announced an extension of a stay-at-home order through May 30, 2020. Accordingly, NLU will follow the guidance of our local and state authorities, and will be taking additional measures to ensure the health and safety of our community by extending remote learning for the remainder of the Spring quarter in all of our Illinois and Florida campuses.

General public access is prohibited during this time. In an effort to promote the wellbeing of our faculty and staff, all departments have transitioned their functions to operate remotely through at least May 30, 2020. Though we are remote, all departments are available to address concerns and can be reached either at the contact information available at: Alternatively, you may email us at For more information, visit

As conditions permit we will reopen our facilities, but until further notice access to our facilities will remain restricted. We will continue to actively monitor the situation as it evolves, so please stay tuned for additional updates in the near future.

Students are prohibited from coming to the campus facilities during this period.  However, if this changes, it will be updated at  Faculty and staff must receive approval from the ERT co-chairs to enter any campus site.

NLU is requesting faculty, staff and students to complete the Travel Information Form if you expect to return to NLU to work or study after traveling internationally. If you elect to travel to any country that is now or may in the future be listed under alert levels 2 or 3, National Louis may take certain precautions for your re-entry in the interest of public health. You may review the schedule of alerts provided by the Center for Disease Control here. Any international travelers should stay updated with, and adhere to, the CDC’s travel advisories.

As of today, any NLU-affiliated air travel scheduled through April 19 is prohibited and should be canceled. Faculty and staff may request individual reviews of this travel restriction through their dean and/or unit head.

While National Louis University is open, access to facilities is restricted and our offices will operate virtually through at least May 30. 

We are planning to deliver instruction virtually through at least May 30, 2020, and will assess the situation and communicate plans for the balance of the academic year by May 30, 2020. If necessary, we are prepared to continue with remote learning to ensure your education continues smoothly and without interruption.

National Louis has been conducting online and remote learning for over a decade.  The institution has prepared a number of training opportunities to ensure you are able to fully participate as a remote student.  

Spring classes will begin April 6 as planned. All classes will be delivered remotely, until further notice. Should you need support, NLU is offering training and support for students in our “continue learning” resource page, and more will be forthcoming. For technical assistance, please reach out to the Help Desk, by calling (866) 813-1177 or e-mailing; please note our team is on call 24/7. 

Please note: Kendall College lab courses may have a different start time, please refer to the Kendall College section of the FAQ page for more details.

Like many organizations, communications companies have rallied to support students who might need increased access to internet service. On Monday, March 16, Comcast announced it will launch a comprehensive plan for the next 60 days to help Americans stay connected. Please review their announcement to assess if it might be a worthwhile resource for you and your family. Additional information can be found at:  While not ideal, if you do not have a laptop or access to a computer, you can access all online materials and platforms using an iPhone or similar device. You can also review this link for additional assistance:

Students who received support from accommodations from ADA and Disability Services will continue to do so. Some accommodations may no longer be necessary in the virtual environment; conversely, a student may recognize a new accommodation is needed during the temporary transition to remote learning. If you see the need for an accommodation that you do not currently have, or if you are struggling with the new online format, please contact your Learning Support Specialist below. As the Spring term begins, any student requesting accommodations who is not already registered with ADA services should complete the Accommodation Request Form available at:

We are pleased to share that we have hired additional staff to support students at all degree levels and at all campuses.

  • Undergraduate students should contact Kendra Syed-Abdul, ADA Learning Support Specialist, by email at
  • Graduate students should contact Kaydra Bui, Writing and ADA Learning Support Specialist, by email at

You can contact your advisor or coach and they can assist you with this.  If you know your advisor’s name, you can contact them by email or call 1-888-NLU TODAY and ask to speak to your advisor. You may also send an email to and we will ensure that it gets routed to your advisor.

Yes, the University Library provides a wide variety of ebooks, including some textbooks, that the NLU community has access to from home. You may search the library catalog to find titles. If there is a book you are looking for that the library does not currently have available as an ebook, please use this form to make a recommendation. To access additional online resources or to chat with the library staff, please visit the library homepage or email

You can go to NLU’s online bookstore, to find your books.

We will do what we can to assist students in identifying affordable options for books and other needs. You can talk to Student Finance about the potential for additional financial options or your advisor about an emergency fund.

Any student that has to withdraw later because of an illness or financial impact from the virus will have an option to work with their advisor to ensure there are no financial or academic penalties.

Courses should be active and available in D2L no later than Monday, March 30, 2020.

NLU will continue to monitor the spread of the virus and recommendations from health professionals. We will have an update no later than April 12, 2020.

Once you’re logged into D2L, find the Spring 2020 term and click on your course.  Read the faculty’s announcement and get started with any introductions and reading the syllabus as soon as you can. If you need help, you can contact the Learning and Information Technology Services (LITS) Help Desk or your advisor or coach.

This will vary by course. Some courses, particularly those that were scheduled to meet in person, will likely have specific times for you to be online with your instructor. Check your D2L shell for details.

At this time, students employed under the Federal Work Study (FWS), College Employment (CE), and Graduate Assistant (GA) programs will still be paid for their scheduled work hours while our virtual learning environment continues, and should still complete a timecard for the hours they would have worked on campus. If you fall into one of these categories and currently do not have work you can complete virtually, please contact your supervisor.

For decades, NLU has provided educational programs in multiple modalities. This flexibility in our formats allowed us to transition easily during this crisis to prevent any significant disruption in student education. Our program pricing is equivalent across modality, the quality of instruction is equivalent, and the faculty are the same. Faculty are trained to teach across modalities as well. As such, we do not plan on reducing tuition and fees as a result of the current situation. In fact, to address student needs we are actually enhancing student support with increased virtual assistance and a call center that can take calls and route them to appropriate personnel immediately.

However, we understand that many students have been impacted adversely by the current situation. Any student adversely impacted financially by COVID-19 should contact the Student Finance team to determine additional financing options and payment plans for current term or future term charges. We will review each individual situation and work with you on figuring out the best possible solution. In addition, federal and state agencies are working to establish emergency funds for students and as those become available we will notify all students.

To assist in the transition to fully remote learning, NLU has launched “NLU Continue,” which is a central website housing many critical tools and helpful resources for you. From there, you may access information about setting up ZOOM, email, and contacts for any other technology-related questions you may have. If you are a faculty member needing to convert your on-campus class meetings to remote teaching and learning, please click on Continue Teaching.

We are planning to deliver instruction virtually through April 19, 2020, and will assess the situation and communicate plans for the balance of the academic year by April 12, 2020. If necessary, we will continue with remote learning to ensure student education continues smoothly and without interruption.

There is no set way to answer this question as classes differ in nature and all students differ, even those with the same accommodations.  Below are some general tips for working with students who have specific accommodations. If you have questions or are unsure of how to apply or adapt accommodations within an online course, please consult ADA Learning Support Specialists at           

  • Test accommodations
    • In D2L, faculty have the option for setting test times. Work with the online support/technology staff if you are unsure of how to work this function. You want to be sure that your student has the correct amount of time based upon their given accommodations (1.5x extended time or 2.0x extended time).
    • Have a plan for students to take paper-and-pencil tests if the online test cannot be made accessible.
  • Note-taking
    • Depending on the design of the online class, notes may or may not be necessary for students who would request them for in-person classes. 
    • If a student requests a peer note-taker for synchronous online classes, that request will still be handled through their Learning Specialist so there is nothing that the faculty has to do.
  • Accessible instructional materials
    • All texts posted for online classes should be compatible to screen readers and other assistive technologies. E.g. PDFs of texts should be Word convertible.
    • Images should be accompanied by brief image descriptions and videos should have accurate captioning.
    • It is recommended Zoom sessions be recorded, and then uploaded to captioning software. 
    • Reach out to online/technology support staff if a student is having accessibility issues in D2L. 
  • Interpreting/CART
    • If you have a deaf or hard of hearing student in your class who usually uses ASL services, the Learning Specialist has always handled those requests. We will continue providing live captioning services for Zoom sessions. This will be handled between the student and Learning Specialist so there is nothing the faculty needs to do. 
  • Flexibility in attendance and assignment deadlines
    • Use the same strategies to determine reasonableness that you used for the in-class decision and be sure to communicate your expectations with the student in writing. Please be mindful that some students may require more attentive flexibility if they experience increased fatigue, eye strain, headaches, body aches, and executive dysfunction in online classes.
  • Assistance with accessing required course content in alternative format
    • If required texts are requested in an alternative format, that request will still be handled through their Learning Specialist so there is nothing that the faculty has to do.

Kendall College at NLU on-site culinary kitchen lab classes are scheduled to resume on Monday, April 20, 2020. Please contact your academic advisors for any questions regarding your spring class schedule. All classes will begin virtually at the start of term on Monday, April 6, 2020. Students are required to participate in virtual classes at the start of the term to prevent auto withdrawal from lab classes. For questions or concerns, please contact advisors Joe Godinez at or Holly Bouma Johnston at

In an effort to mitigate community spread of COVID-19, all domestic resident students who are able have been asked to return permanent residency effective March 21 through at least April 19, 2020.

For any student who remains, guest privileges have been restricted to ensure that we comport with social distancing guidance by the CDC. Remaining residents should continue to distance themselves from other residents that have remained in the residence hall to help prevent the virus transmission.

Spring 2020 full time students will not be auto enrolled in the CTA UPASS program this quarter. If a student would like to opt-in to the UPASS program this quarter, they must complete the UPASS Opt-In Waiver. Students choosing to opt-in for the spring term UPASS will be charged $120 to their student account. If you have additional questions, please email


U-Passes already issued for the Spring 2020 Quarter will remain active per the dates found on the U-Pass webpage. Because U-Passes will remain active, refunds cannot be issued to any eligible student per our contract with the CTA. For now, you can visit NLU’s U-Pass webpage for additional information or email additional questions to

National Louis is monitoring the impact of COVID-19 carefully and regularly. As of now, no decisions have been made about the 134th Illinois commencement ceremony which is currently scheduled for Saturday, June 20, 2020. The Florida Commencement ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, June 27, 2020. The university will make its decisions as to the date of the commencements with the health of the community as its top priority. As more information becomes available, the institution will determine the best course of action for commencement and related activities. At this time there is not enough information to render a final decision. When any decisions are made, students will be notified as soon as possible.

Please note: this does not affect degree finalization dates, as posted on the NLU website here. Students should still apply for their finalization by the currently posted deadlines.

Degree finalization for the Winter Term will continue without interruption.  Degrees will be finalized starting April 15, 2020 and students can order official transcripts online that will state that the degree was awarded. Diplomas will be mailed about 6 weeks after April 15, 2020. 

Official transcripts can be ordered online. Requests for e-transcripts and paper transcripts are still being fulfilled with no delay or interruption in service. The option to pick up an official transcript on campus is currently unavailable.

To assist in the transition to fully remote learning, NLU is launching “NLU Continue,” which is a central website housing many critical tools and helpful resources for you. From there, you may access information about setting up ZOOM, email, and contacts for any other technology-related questions you may have. If you are a faculty or staff member needing to work from home, please click on Continue Working

If you are self-quarantined and able to work, you should.  If you are physically sick and unable to work, you should notify your supervisor and utilize your sick time.

Hours should be discussed and approved by your supervisor. 

This policy is currently pending, and may be impacted by state and federal legislation. Please keep checking this page and our alerts page for updates.

Yes, at least for the foreseeable future. If you are an employee that doesn’t have work that you can do at home, please let your supervisor know. This is a time when we benefit from flexibility and your supervisor will assign other work on behalf of the university.  

At this time there is no plan to change the vacation policy and practice. It is important to work with your supervisor to utilize your vacation hours between now and June 30. 

Yes, employees can still request vacation time through their supervisors.   

Please do what you need to do to take care of yourself, your whole self. While much of our focus has been on ensuring we take measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 with intensified hygienic measures and social distancing, it is important to acknowledge the personal stress and anxiety that navigating this pandemic can cause. Our student wellness team remains available as a resource to you even while instruction moves virtually. More information about our resources can be found at: and The University Counseling Center through Skylight Counseling is still taking appointments and will make tele-therapy available via phone to limit contact and meet the virtual needs of Illinois students. NLU students can request a counseling appointment by calling (312) 261-3636 or (847) 947-5656 or email:

For our students in Florida, we are working to get state approval to provide tele-therapy. Please check back here for updates and a communication will be sent to Florida and online students when counseling services are available.

All students, on every campus, should consider joining Latania Franklin and Cindy Danzell Mondays andFridays on Zoom for Virtual Wellness Corners: Check-in Mondays and Cool-Down Fridays at noon at  

National Louis University is excited to announce its partnership with mRelief to help more students and families who may need food resources! mRelief is a Chicago-based nonprofit that helps connect students to food resources such as SNAP benefits (also known as food stamps) through their easy to use platform on text, web and voice. mRelief has connected more than 500,000 families to social services and is focused on helping more students receive SNAP benefits.

Students can find out more information about mRelief and/or find out if they are eligible to receive SNAP benefits by visiting or locating mRelief on your portal and NLU website.

Student Experience has a robust plan for social media engagement and opportunities to use zoom to access leadership development, yoga, and wellness content. Make sure you follow us on all social media platforms. Stay in the loop: @NLUStudentLife on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat. Check your NLU email regularly as more programs and opportunities to connect are announced.

For employees needing support, the National Louis Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through Perspectives, Ltd.‌, offers short-term counseling from licensed EAP professionals, by phone, email or in person to help employees better cope with personal, family and work issues. In addition, Human Resources will be making available additional supportive resources from Blue Cross / Blue Shield, TIAA – Retirement and Banking, and DirectPath.


    NLU’s Chicago campus on South Michigan Avenue occupies five floors of the historic Peoples Gas Building. This landmark building, across the street from the Art Institute of Chicago and Grant Park, is easily accessible by train, bus and car and is surrounded by restaurants, parking lots/garages and shops.

    122 S. Michigan Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60603
    (888) 658.8632
    Info » | Directions »

    Conveniently located in a fast-growing business district off I-90 and Route 31, NLU Elgin features 10 classrooms with high-tech media equipment; a computer lab with high-speed Internet access; two conference rooms; and comfortable student lounges. Parking is free at this recently remodeled and upgraded teaching site, which now includes wireless Internet access.

    620 Tollgate Road
    Elgin, IL 60123
    (888) 658.8632
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    Opened in the summer of 2006, NLU North Shore at Skokie is a state-of-the-art modern campus located just off the Edens Expressway near the Old Orchard Shopping Center. The campus includes 44 wireless classrooms equipped with high-tech media equipment; four computer labs with high-speed Internet access, including a walk-in lab in the library; six conference rooms; a public café for beverages and snacks; a student welcome center; a library for research and study; and multiple, comfortable student lounge areas.

    5202 Old Orchard Road
    Skokie, IL 60077
    (888) 658.8632
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    Located just minutes from the East-West Tollway (I-88), NLU Lisle features 42 wireless classrooms equipped with high-tech media equipment; four computer labs with high-speed Internet access, including a separate walk-in lab in the library; a café for beverages and snacks; a student welcome center; a library for research and study; conference rooms; and six comfortable student lounge areas with wireless access.

    850 Warrenville Road
    Lisle, IL 60532
    (888) 658.8632
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    Located in one of Chicago's major northwest suburbs, the newly renovated NLU Wheeling includes 20 classrooms with high-tech media equipment, four conference rooms, four computer labs with high-speed Internet access, large student lounge areas with wireless capabilities and interactive video capabilities, and an extensive research library. The site also houses the university library research collection.

    1000 Capitol Drive
    Wheeling, IL 60090
    (888) 658.8632
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    Established in 1988 and located in one of Tampa's major business districts, NLU's Florida Regional Center serves students in 13 counties in central Florida. In addition to its classrooms, the National Louis University Tampa Regional Center features a computer lab, student lounges, and conference room.

    5110 Sunforest Drive, Suite 102
    Tampa, FL 33634
    (800) 366.6581
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