CEC Partnership


Bensenville School District 2

Contact:Community Relations Coordinator:        Terry Ryan     


Phone: 630-766-5940 ext. 1105

Mission Statement: Our vision is to be an exemplary school system of people, programs and culture which expects and realizes student engagement, growth and achievement in an environment of integrity, performance and service.

Project CARE Plus

Contact: Lisa Simoncelli, Larissa Schwarz, Sue Vitale, Laura Butz

Phone: 630-766-2602 ext. 4101

Mission Statement: Mentors can be high school or college students, business people, or community volunteers. The volunteers provide assistance with some things that students may not have help with at home. The volunteers provide help for students over and above other special services a student may receive from reading specialists. Mentors can create informal and personal interaction to build self-esteem and encourage academic growth at the same time. Students benefit from a close adult/peer role model with someone who is not a family member or classroom teacher.


Cornerstone (CCO) community outreach

Contact: Lyda Jackson – Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: 773-506-6396×16 


Contact: Mindy Taylor – Community Development

Phone: 773-506-6396 x 12


Mission Statement: Cornerstone Community Outreach has a long standing commitment to  being excluded from necessary services. It is our great privilege to work alongside homeless families and individuals to find and secure stable housing. We are grateful to all those who volunteer or support our shelter guests. Thanks you!


Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS)

Contact: John Hosteny (Illinois Office)

Phone: 312-353-3622

Fax: 312-353-6496


Mission Statement: The mission of CNCS is to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic engagement through service and volunteering.


DuPage Children's Museum         


Phone:  630-637-8000 (0 for Adm.)

Mission Statement: DuPage Children’s Museum’s mission is to stimulate curiosity, creativity, thinking and problem solving in young children through self-directed, open-ended experiences; integration of the arts, science and math; the child-adult learning partnership.



Contact: Office of Communication

Phone: 630-840-3351


Mission Statement: Each summer Fermilab offers a variety of intern programs for secondary school teachers, high school students, undergraduates and graduate students. Interns have an opportunity to work on projects that support particle physics experiments in areas such as applied physics, engineering and computing. Working with Fermilab scientists or engineers, interns have an opportunity to experience current research methods and study problems of particle physics research. Also, Fermilab offers a few internships in environmental studies, particularly working in hundreds of acres of restored tallgrass prairie. Interns are selected for their outstanding scholarship and their interest in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.


Illinois Campus Compact (ILCC)

Contact: Kathy Engelken, Executive Director
Phone: 312-362-7693
Fax: 312-362-5671

Mission Statement: To support Presidents and their institutional leadership, to actively promote the civic mission of higher education and to engage students, faculty and campuses in collaborative partnerships that promotes civic engagement. Continue to strategically plan and achieve maximum impact of service and civic learning on higher educations’ institutional commitment to responsible citizenship and community building. Sustain an invigorated commitment to providing resources, training and support to institutions of higher education that are developing sustainable partnerships with P-12 schools. Impact the lives of students long beyond their college experience through the training, resources and service that develops citizenship skills, value for democracy and a sense of civic engagement in community.


Kohl Children's Museum

Contact: Development Office

Phone: 847-832-6911


Mission Statement: Become a part of one of the nation’s best children’s museums by assisting us with your volunteer time and service. Since 1985, Kohl Children’s Museum of Greater Chicago, a not-for-profit, educational facility, has been dedicated to “hands-on” learning and fostering innovative ways to nurture a love of learning in young children through play, exploration, and discovery. Kohl is one of the few museums in the country that has always focused on early childhood education – the fundamental, critically important learning that occurs from birth to age eight.


SCARCE: School & Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education

Contact: Kay McKeen, Director of Staff

Phone: 630-545-9710


Mission Statement: Inspire people, through education, to preserve & care for the Earth's natural resources, while working to build sustainable communities. We depend heavily on volunteers to keep our projects going.  We can always use help with the Book Rescue, Tools for Schools, and Super Crayon programs.


World Relief

Phone: 443-451-1900 or 800-535-5433


Mission Statement: Partnership by seeking, facilitating, and promoting collaboration among all stakeholders, including local governments, the worldwide church, mission agencies, other NGO's, and the business community, recognizing partnership as essential to serving the most vulnerable. We believe each expression of the worldwide Church has a unique and interdependent role in bringing peace and justice to the world.


Teach for America

Contact: Josh Anderson, Executive Director

Phone: 312-254-1000

Fax: 312-254-1015








Big Brothers Big Sisters

Phone: 312-207-5600


Mission Statement: Each time Big Brothers Big Sisters pairs a child with a role model, we start something incredible: a one-to-one relationship built on trust and friendship that can blossom into a future of unlimited potential. And thanks to the first-ever nationwide impact study of a mentoring organization, we have the facts to prove it.


El Valor

Address: 1850 W. 21st Street, Chicago, Illinois 60608

Phone: 312-666-4511

Fax: 312-666-6677


Mission Statement: El Valor believes that the future of our communities lies within the strength of our families. We take a relationship driven approach in program delivery.  Relationships are developed with the family and caregivers of the child or individual enrolled in our programs. The best possible outcomes are achieved through this approach.  


Hands that Help

Phone: 815-964-0546

Mission Statement: To collaborate with our community and the people we seek to provide a safe nurturing positive environment that promotes the spiritual,, physical and mental health, self-sufficiency productivity and self direction of those we serve. We envision a community of healthy people – spiritually, mentally, socially and economically healthy people.


Junior Achievement of Chicago

Phone :( 312) 715-1300



Triton College Access to Literacy Program
Phone: 708 456-0300, Ext. 3978




Academy for Urban School Leadership

Address: 3400 N. Austin Avenue Chicago, IL 60634-4229

Phone: 773-534-0129


Mission Statement: USL (Academy for Urban School Leadership), created in 2001, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve student achievement in chronically failing schools, primarily in Chicago, through its disciplined transformation process, built on a foundation of specially trained AUSL teachers.


Baker Demonstration School

Contact: Daniel Schwartz (Head of School)

Address: 201 Sheridan Rd., Wilmette, IL 60091

Phone: 847-425-5800


Mission Statement: We foster excellence through critical thinking and integrated connections across academic and artistic endeavors. We promote collaboration while developing personal leadership. We foster citizenship by encouraging students to develop self-awareness and compassion for others. Baker celebrates individual, family and cultural differences and graduates students who appreciate diversity in all its forms.


Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education

Address: 228 S Wabash Ave #500, Chicago, IL 60604

Phone: 312 870-6140

Email: info @

Mission Statement: CAPE’s unique approach to enhancing education with the arts better  students, improves their understanding of class material, and boosts their grades. CAPE even commissions long-term research to show that integrating art into education continually improves students’ critical thinking, self-esteem and confidence.


Chicago Department of Family and Support Services

Address: 1615 W. Chicago Ave 5th Floor Chicago, IL 60622-5127

Phone: 312.743.0300


Mission Statement: The Chicago Department of Family and Support Services are dedicated to supporting a continuum of coordinated services to enhance the lives of Chicago residents, particularly those most in need, from birth through the senior years. The Department works to promote the independence and well-being of individuals, support families and strengthen neighborhoods by providing direct assistance and administering resources to a network of community-based organizations, social service providers and institutions.


Center for Practitioner Research

Mission Statement: Practitioner research enables practitioners in educational settings to study and reflect on their practice in a systematic way for the purpose of improving education and learning. Practitioner researchers are educators who conduct research on their own practice, and, based upon their own research as well as that of others, learn to recognize and enact needed changes in their practice. They can be educators in P-12, postsecondary educators, and educators working in non-traditional educational settings, such as cultural institutions. Practitioner research has the potential to impact education at the student, classroom, school, and district levels.       


Center for Teaching Through Children’s Books

Contact: Junko Yokota

Phone: 224-233-2798


Contact: Toby Rajput

Phone: 224-233-2515


Mission Statement: The Center for Teaching through Children’s Books is dedicated to excellence in teaching with quality literature for children and adolescents.


Chicago Metro History Education Center

Address: 60 West Walton Chicago IL 60610

Phone: 312-255-3661 


Mission Statement: The mission of the Chicago Metro History Education Center (CMHEC) is to spark students’ interest in the study of history,help them build high-level thinking skills, engage them in civic life,and foster their intellectual self-confidence.


Chicago Public Schools

Contact: Jon Schmidt (Department of Literacy, Chicago Public Schools)

Address: 320 N Elizabeth, 4th Floor Chicago IL  60607 GSR #38

Phone: 773-553-6391



Chicago Teacher Partnership Program

Contact: University of Illinois at Chicago

Address: 1040 W. Harrison M/C 147 Chicago, IL 60607

Phone: 312-355-5937


Chicago Teaching Fellows

Mission Statement: We prepare exceptional teachers for the students who need them most – those in our country’s most disadvantaged communities, where too many children start school behind and struggle to catch up. Our teachers acknowledge the immense challenges of poverty but reject its limitations. They believe that every lesson has the power to inspire, every hour in the classroom is precious, and every student has the potential to succeed. They know that having even one top teacher can shape students’ lives well into the future.


District 200 Wheaton-Warrenville

Address: 130 West Park Avenue Wheaton, IL 60189

Phone: 630-682-2000


Mission Statement: Our mission is to inspire, educate, challenge, and support all students to reach their highest level of learning and personal development.


District 203 Naperville

Contact: Dan Bridge (Superintendent)

Address: 203 West Hillside Road Naperville, IL 60540-6589
Phone: 630-420-6311


Epic Program (Waukegan Public School District 60)

Contact: Ms. Marilyn Krajenta (Interim Early Childhood Program Coordinator)

Address: 1020 Glen Rock Avenue Waukegan, IL  60085
 Phone: 847-360-7021


Fox Valley Reading Council

Contact: Beth Herrig or Katina Kastrantas

Phone: Beth 630-747-4193 or Katina 630-915-7394


Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide support and leadership to educators as they promote and teach lifelong literacy.


Gear Up  

Contact: Jeanne Barnes.


Phone: 312-853-3930



Golden Apple Selective Committee

Mission Statement: Our mission is to inspire, develop and support teaching excellence in Illinois, especially in schools of need. Our innovative programs offer methods, resources and mentorship to enrich students and teachers for the better.


Illinois Reading Recovery Center for Literacy

Mission Statement: The Reading Recovery Center for Literacy at National Louis University partners with a growing national network of university centers. This partnership supports school districts in achieving shared goals related to school-wide renewal. Collaborative university research projects are being designed to improve educational practices and policies most likely to influence student achievement.


KIPP Educational Leadership Program      

Contact: Ms. April Goble, Executive Director

Address: 1945 S. Halsted Street, Suite 101, Chicago, IL 60608 
Phone: 312-733-8108       

Mission Statement: The mission of KIPP Chicago Schools is to create a network of schools that empower students with the character and academic skills necessary to succeed in top-quality high schools and universities, to be happy in the competitive world, and to have a positive impact on their communities. 


Kohl Children’s Museum/Golden Apple/NLU Early Childhood Residents Program

Mission Statement: A non-profit organization that works to inspire, develop, and support teacher excellence in Illinois, especially in schools of need.


Malopolska Center for Teacher Professional Development

Address: Malopolskie Centrum Doskonalenia Nauczycieli – MCDN (Main Office) ul. Lubelska 23   30-003 Krakow

Phone: 012-623-76-46



McAnnich Arts Center

Contact: Roland Raffel

Phone: 630-942-3018

Contact: College of DuPage Foundation

Phone: 630-942-2462       

Mission Statement: The mission of the McAninch Arts Center is to foster enlightened educational and performance opportunities, which encourage artistic expression, establish a lasting relationship between people and art, and enrich the cultural vitality of the community.


Milwaukee Jewish Day School  

Address: 6401 N. Santa Monica Blvd Milwaukee, WI 53217

Phone:   414-964-1499                           



McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership

Contact: Carmen Adamczyk

Phone:  847-947-5063


Mission Statement: The McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership at National Louis University is a nationally recognized resource for building the leadership capacity of the early childhood workforce. Through professional development, evaluation, research, and public awareness we strive to create programs that enrich the lives of young children and those who lead them.


New Leaders for New Schools

Contact: Ben Fenton



Prairie Crossing Charter School

Contact: Naomi D. Hershiser (Dean of EnvironmentalPrograms)

Address: 1531 Jones Point Rd, Grayslake, IL 60030

Phone: 847-543-9722

Mission Statement: Prairie Crossing Charter School is a public school that transforms our children through academic discovery and interaction with our unique natural, ecological, and community resources. (Volunteers can only be parents whose children go to this school)


Rockford Public Schools

Address: 501 7th St, Rockford, IL 61104

Phone: 815-966-3000



Rock Valley College

Address: North Mulford Road, Rockford, IL 61114
Phone: 815-921-7821 


South West High School Network      bers.

Phone: 773-535-8230


Special Education Alternative Certification


Suburban Scholars Teacher Education Partnership


Urban Scholars Teacher Education Partnership


VIVA Teachers


Mission Statement: The VIVA Project is determined to give classroom teachers a chance to collaborate and bring their professional judgment to bear on a 21st century school calendar. In any discussion about school structure, compensation is an important issue. Strict legal constructs are in place to determine salary, and benefits for public school teachers. So, while this is not the place to discuss compensation, we do acknowledge that it is a concern.

Whole-School Literacy Collaborative 

Mission Statement: Since 1986, the Collaborative has partnered with districts and schools across the nation to improve the reading, writing and language skills of children in grades PreK-8. Our research-proven whole school literacy improvement model is recognized for helping to increase student achievement, improve teacher expertise, and build school communities that are "rich in books and words."



Y.O.U (Youth Organization Umbrella)

Contact: Brian Williams

Director of Y.O.U. Spartans


Phone: (847) 676-3545 ext. 1355​

Mission statement: emerging needs of families in crises

8 after school programs: 7 in Evanston & 1 Skokie

Programs Available: After School Programs (5 Days a Week)

Available Opportunities: Volunteers, Mentorships, Work Study Programs









    NLU’s Chicago campus on South Michigan Avenue occupies five floors of the historic Peoples Gas Building. This landmark building, across the street from the Art Institute of Chicago and Grant Park, is easily accessible by train, bus and car and is surrounded by restaurants, parking lots/garages and shops.

    122 S. Michigan Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60603

    (888) 658.8632

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    Campus Location

    Conveniently located in a fast-growing business district off I-90 and Route 31, NLU Elgin features 10 classrooms with high-tech media equipment; a computer lab with high-speed Internet access; two conference rooms; and comfortable student lounges. Parking is free at this recently remodeled and upgraded teaching site, which now includes wireless Internet access.

    620 Tollgate Road
    Elgin, IL 60123

    (888) 658.8632

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    Campus Location

    Opened in the summer of 2006, NLU North Shore at Skokie is a state-of-the-art modern campus located just off the Edens Expressway near the Old Orchard Shopping Center. The campus includes 44 wireless classrooms equipped with high-tech media equipment; four computer labs with high-speed Internet access, including a walk-in lab in the library; six conference rooms; a public café for beverages and snacks; a student welcome center; a library for research and study; and multiple, comfortable student lounge areas.

    5202 Old Orchard Road
    Skokie, IL 60077
    (888) 658.8632

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    Campus Location

    Located just minutes from the East-West Tollway (I-88), NLU Lisle features 42 wireless classrooms equipped with high-tech media equipment; four computer labs with high-speed Internet access, including a separate walk-in lab in the library; a café for beverages and snacks; a student welcome center; a library for research and study; conference rooms; and six comfortable student lounge areas with wireless access.

    850 Warrenville Road
    Lisle, IL 60532
    (888) 658.8632

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    Campus Location

    Located in one of Chicago's major northwest suburbs, the newly renovated NLU Wheeling includes 20 classrooms with high-tech media equipment, four conference rooms, four computer labs with high-speed Internet access, large student lounge areas with wireless capabilities and interactive video capabilities, and an extensive research library. The site also houses the university library research collection.

    1000 Capitol Drive
    Wheeling, IL 60090
    (888) 658.8632

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    Campus Location

    Established in 1988 and located in one of the city's major business districts, NLU's Florida Regional Center serves students in 13 counties in central Florida. In addition to six classrooms, this location features a conference room, a computer lab with high-speed Internet access, an extensive research library and comfortable student lounges.



    5110 Eisenhower Boulevard
    Suite 102
    Tampa, Florida 33634
    800.366.6581 |

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    Campus Location

    NLU's Milwaukee campus has a proud history of serving graduate students in education in southeastern Wisconsin. Nearly one in five certified Wisconsin teachers looks to NLU for graduate education programs – more than any other university in the state. In addition to classrooms with high-tech media equipment, the campus offers a state-of-the-art computer lab with wireless Internet access and an extensive IDS research library.

    12000 West Park Place, Suite 100
    Milwaukee, WI 53224-3007

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    Campus Location